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    Sundays at TUCC - How We Come Together for Worship

    What a changing year it's been!?! If you're coming here to ask what we're doing for worship, here is our update as of March:

    We are still encouraging everyone to keep each other safe as best as we can. We have been worshipping in person wearing masks, keeping social distancing between households, and using individual communion packets. As the situation has continued to improve for our community and county, we are allowing people to take masks off in their pews, but still we ask for masks when we can't maintain distance. 

    As we have been doing, we will still keep our video broadcasting of our service, and you can add comments, share prayer requests, and catch services you've missed on our Facebook Page (TUCC Cheney). If you are feeling sick, or are still wanting to maintain safety until you've been vaccinated, we will keep this option going. 

    Many things are getting started again like T.O.W.N (Trinity On Wednesday Nights, 6:00pm) and Bible studies. We're excited to welcome back community groups like the Cheney Saddle Club, the Cheney Girls Basketball Team, and more. We hope to see you back soon and hope you can find a way to connect with your community in God's grace! 




    Preschool Enrollment

    Trinity Learning Center is in session for the 2020-2021 school year. Classes are offered every morning from 8:15-11:15.  For more details or to enroll please contact Becca Burdick at 316-680-8152 





  • Online Giving

    If you would like to participate in online giving to Trinity United Christian Church, please click here to set up your account. If you would like to participate in online giving to Trinity Learning Center,  please click here to set up your account.  You may also text to this toll-free number to give.  TUCC number is: 844-948-1169

    The mobile app for your phone, "Give+", can be found at the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. When you add your zip code Trinity United Christian Church will come up.



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