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    Sundays at TUCC - How We Come Together for Worship

    Ok, we're trying this in-person worship thing again. And after taking input and advice, here is what the board has decided. We will be doing outdoor worship in the parking lot and indoor worship in the sanctuary. Here's a few details.

    On weeks we will do outdoor worship, you are encouraged to bring your own chairs, but our church chairs will be available if you forget. We'll be in the gravel part of the lot, so you'll still be able to park in the concrete section. We'll also be able to sing together! Our musicians will share throughout the service and I'm personally very excited about this. Masks will still be encouraged, but not required and social distancing between family groups.

    However, sometimes it rains, or is too windy, or a whole host of things. Also some folks miss the sanctuary. So, on weeks that weather won't allow us, and at least once a month, we'll be in the sanctuary. Masks will be required, and singing will happen online like we've been doing. And again, social distancing between household groups.

    Finally, for each of these, we'll start worship at 10am, we'll have special communion that we don't have to spread or come up front for, and we'll still broadcast on our Facebook page for those needing it. Please check our Thursday email to know what we'll be doing that week.

    I understand that it's not "back to normal" but nothing is right now. We're still dealing with the effects of a global pandemic and have to make some accommodations. But hopefully these times to sing together or to be in the sanctuary allow us some meaningful connections. I hope you'll join us in the way you best can, and excited for this next season at TUCC! Pastor Travis


    Sunday Worship Volunteers

    We need your help with Sunday worship! You can help in the following ways: 

    - We need people to lead the responsive readings, read scriptures, or tell how they've witnessed God's grace in our community. You can do this recorded or at in-person worship. Please contact Pastor Travis to see what we can do. 

    - We need ushers to hold the door for people coming in (so 50 people don't touch the same spot every week), hand out supplies as people come in, and prepare communion for those present. If you're interested in helping, please see our signup sheet at 


    Preschool Enrollment

    Trinity Learning Center is in session for the 2020-2021 school year. Classes are offered every morning from 8:15-11:15.  For more details or to enroll please contact Becca Burdick at 316-680-8152 





  • Online Giving

    If you would like to participate in online giving to Trinity United Christian Church, please click here to set up your account. If you would like to participate in online giving to Trinity Learning Center,  please click here to set up your account.  You may also text to this toll-free number to give.  TUCC number is: 844-948-1169

    The mobile app for your phone, "Give+", can be found at the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. When you add your zip code Trinity United Christian Church will come up.



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