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    TLC is taking enrollment for the 2016 school year. Please call Becca Burdick and leave a brief message. Space is limited.



  • Lem’s Sermon Notes

    Feb 14 Lent 1C
    Tempted – not Condemned
    Luke 4:1-13


    So much can be made of temptation.  Well, it is the main cause for sin.  But the real elephant in the ‘room’ is desire.

    Desire for money, sex your neighbor’s house, wife, husband, TV, boat, peace… (yes, even peace).

    Funny thing is there is nothing wrong with any one of those things.  It’s the overly excessive desire FOR acquiring passion of all or any one of those things that brings problems.

    So what is ‘desire’ anyway?  Is there really anything wrong with it?  I mean, doesn’t almost all motivation begin with wanting something?

    Perhaps, it is to what extent one will go to get what they want. What lines will one cross to get what they want?

    What will you do with it when you get it?

    Does that special car already have an owner?  Will they sell it?  If so, how much would you pay – can you pay?  Maybe the car isn’t for sale.  What then?

    In this Sunday’s text, we see Jesus in the wilderness facing his own desires, and what he will do to get them.  The one thing that pops out at me about this text is that Jesus is tempted (shock!).  How could an almost supper faultless individual even get tempted?  Well, he does.  Jesus does have temptation for bread when he is hungry.  Jesus is tempted to use his God given gifts to acquire wealth and power – but he chooses not to indulge. What we admire about Jesus is how he is able to resist the urge to acquire what is not his to have or take.  He realizes that power over others is not for him.  He realizes that he wants to use his power not to take but to give.

    We call the ability to resist the temptation to indulge what is not ours to have as character. 

    Do you have character?  Do you have to courage to say, compromising your values to acquire some you shouldn’t have is wrong and turn from the temptation?

    I hope so.

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  • The mission of TUCC is:
    To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ; To provide opportunities for: worship, prayer and praise of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit - open communion with the community of believers - study of God's word and growth in Christian education for all ages - fellowship within the congregation to strengthen communication, friendship and unity of membership; To reach out to others through prayer, financial support, action and service within the church family, in the community of Cheney, and beyond the local church into the region and conference, nation and all of God's world; To continue witnessing a nurturing partnership between DOC and UCC within the local church and through support of and involvement in both denominations in all levels and areas of concern.

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