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    PALM SUNDAY,MARCH 29, 2015: 
    This coming Sunday, will have a special skit preformed by the children and youth.  Following immediately after the worship service, the Middle School youth will be having a spaghetti dinner.  All are invited.

    EASTER, APRIL 5, 2015: 
    Cheney Baptist Church will be hosting the Easter Sunrise Service for our community.  This will be at the Cheney Baptist Church at 7:00 am.  Pastor Doug Hasty, of the Cheney United Methodist Church, will be the guest speaker. There is a breakfast following the Sunrise Service prepared and served by the hosting Church.
  • Sunday Worship:
    Sunday School 9:00
     Worship 9:45
    Wednesday Worship:
    TOWN 6:30
    Middle School Youth 6:30
    High School Youth 6:30 



  • Lem’s Sermon Notes

    March 29 Palm Sunday
    Youth and Children Lead Worship
    Mark 11:1-11

    During worship this next Sunday, we are promised a very special experience.

    The youth and children are presenting a special service.  They will be using songs, readings and prayers commemorating the events leading to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  I won’t be preaching.

    Come, and attend.

    The text selected for this Sunday surrounds the procession of Jesus into Jerusalem.  It is traditionally celebrated by Christians annually.  The sanctuary is decorated in palms.  These palms are to remind of those placed upon the street for Jesus so long ago.

    Why palms?

    Streets in pre-medieval times would be very unpleasant places to be if we were to travel to that time and place.  These seldom paved avenues served not only to provide a way for pedestrians and carts for access the city, they were also open sewers.  Animal and human waste would be prevalent.  The only time these avenues were approached the cleanliness of a modern street would be after a rain, or when some wealthy patron would sweep in front of their residence or place of business.  Since Jerusalem is located in an arid part of the world, rain was not a regular event.

    All this to say, that when someone of great importance were to use a city street, the locals would show respect by throwing down palms to make traversing the avenue a more pleasant experience.  In the case of royalty, people would also through down their coats.

    All the Gospels agree this event took place at the beginning of their accounts of Jesus’ week in Jerusalem and the events leading up to his trial and execution.

    He comes in heralded as a king and goes out dragging a cross on his bloodied back.  This is a parody of humanity.  How often to the mighty fall in disfavor.  Even in our own age we have seen many treated in such a manner.  It seems to be a characteristic of human politics.

    When one person gains the favor of the populous, he/she is immediately assailed by the jealous who must ‘get even’ in order to remain at the reins of power.
    Jesus the Christ is no exception.  As a man his influence and favor given by the populous is very quickly turned to hatred and torture.

    People are so fickle.
    See you Sunday.

    Sermons for the Next Four Sundays
    April 5 …and Everything Changed John 20:1-18 Easter Sunday
    April 12 Guest Preacher Rev. Edith Guffy United Church of Christ Conference Minister
    April 19 The Amazing Emmaus Walk Luke 24:13-49 Easter B2
    April 26 It’s the Sheep John 10:11-18 Easter B3


    Preschool Enrollment

    TLC will also start taking enrollment on January 1, 2015 for the 2015-2016 school year. Please call Becca Burdick and leave a brief message. Space is limited. No enrollment will be taken before January 1st.



  • The mission of TUCC is:
    To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ; To provide opportunities for: worship, prayer and praise of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit - open communion with the community of believers - study of God's word and growth in Christian education for all ages - fellowship within the congregation to strengthen communication, friendship and unity of membership; To reach out to others through prayer, financial support, action and service within the church family, in the community of Cheney, and beyond the local church into the region and conference, nation and all of God's world; To continue witnessing a nurturing partnership between DOC and UCC within the local church and through support of and involvement in both denominations in all levels and areas of concern.

  • Jesus Died For Us