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  • He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.
    Colossians 1:15/NIV
  • Lem’s Sermon Notes

    March 1 Lent 2B
    Recognition Sunday
    Psalms 22

    This next Sunday has been set aside as a special day to recognize those who have been so instrumental in dedicating time, effort and talent to the various ministries of our congregation.  You may be quite surprised at how varied and extensive some of these ministries are.

    The time I usually use to deliver the sermon will be taken with this recognition.  This special time is a sermon in itself.  Therefore, I will not be preaching. In this space, however, I will share a small portion of insights I have gained from studying one of the lectionary texts for that day.

    Psalms 22 is one of, what I like to call, the angry psalms.  It is one of two I used extensively as a hospice chaplain.  (The other is Psalms 44).  It is a very angry prayer to God.

    Basically the prayer says “I wish I had never been born.”  It then enumerates a list of complaints concerning of unfair and uncalled for suffering.

    Often, in my chaplaincy, to those who were terminally ill, they harbored severe unexpressed anger toward God, and everything in his creation for their suffering.  Included in the people I worked with were young people suffering from terminal illnesses which were to take them to their graves during the prime of their lives.  Some had small children they wanted to raise.

    I used this psalm to illustrate it is ‘OK’ to be angry with God and to express that anger in prayer.  Basically, I would say, “God can take it.” It is strange how once our anger is expressed, we can begin to realize how much God loves us. After all “God so loves the world (us) that he gave his only son.”  John 3:16.

    Once we have vented our anger, we can here and feel the love of God enter and soothe us. It’s really awesome isn’t it.

    Sermons for the Next Four Sundays
    March 8 Forget Everything Except Jesus 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 Lent 3B
    March 15 The Leader/Servant John 13:1-20 Lent 4B
    March 22 Accepting Judgment Psalms 51:1-12 Lent 5B
    March 29 A Procession of Promises Mark 11:1-11 Palm Sunday





    Preschool Enrollment

    TLC will also start taking enrollment on January 1, 2015 for the 2015-2016 school year. Please call Becca Burdick and leave a brief message. Space is limited. No enrollment will be taken before January 1st.



  • The mission of TUCC is:
    To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ; To provide opportunities for: worship, prayer and praise of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit - open communion with the community of believers - study of God's word and growth in Christian education for all ages - fellowship within the congregation to strengthen communication, friendship and unity of membership; To reach out to others through prayer, financial support, action and service within the church family, in the community of Cheney, and beyond the local church into the region and conference, nation and all of God's world; To continue witnessing a nurturing partnership between DOC and UCC within the local church and through support of and involvement in both denominations in all levels and areas of concern.

  • God is Good