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  • Lem’s Sermon Notes

    April 19 Easter B3
    The Amazing Emmaus Walk
    Luke 24:13-49

    Do you believe in parallel universes?

    Well I do. 

    …Well, not exactly universes as such, but states of existence.

    No, I’m not talking about ghosts.

    I’m talking about how people, and maybe animals, have different perspectives on their existence.  I mean, some people see the world around them as a continuous and glorious place where they can find new and challenging opportunities.  Others, see everything around them as a threat to their very existence.

    You might ask, “What does it matter?”

    Well, I think it does matter.  Take two people, each with one of the two perspectives I mentioned above.  Each of them will take actions based upon their views of the world.  These actions will affect others.  The results of those actions will effect not just their immediate experience, but they will receive reactions as a result.

    The two individuals, with their different perspectives will in a sense create their own universes, and live in them.  Often the different universes converge.  The events occurring in one will affect the other.

    If we take this type of thinking to the scripture text for the day, we can see how this can happen.

    We have two men taking a six mile walk, on that first Easter day, to a village called Emmaus.  We catch up to them as they are walking along and talking about the execution of Jesus.  They are leaving Jerusalem after having spent the Passover there and appear to have been followers of Jesus. 

    They are leaving.  That means they have seen the terrible events that took place and the bloody aftermath.  Their ‘bubble’ has burst.  The hope Jesus represented dashed to the ground.  Once again, the political and religious powers of the day have won out, and life will continue in its wretched cruelty.  The poor will continue to suffer gross injustice, Rome will continue to sap the economy, and the Sanhedrin will continue is corrupt practices. 

    Jesus’ ideas and powers were impressive, but, in the end, the powers that be prevailed.

    Then a man joins them.  This man is from another universe.  He sees things quite differently.  He has not lost the vision Jesus brought to the world.  He quotes scripture which foretold of the events which have taken place.  He chastises them for their limited and fear filled universe.

    Interestingly, they invite this impetuous man into their home for an evening of rest and refreshment.  He accepts.  Then this strange man takes the bread and breaks it like Jesus did at his last supper.  Then they recognize him.

    It’s Jesus. 

    Somehow, Jesus breaks into the universe these two have woven around their existence, and makes them see there is a better way. 
    Now in a new universe of hope and justice for the poor and the sick, they return to Jerusalem.
    Let’s join our universes with Jesus’.  There we can find fulfillment, purpose and hope. 

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