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  • Lem’s Sermon Notes

    October 4, Pentecost 19B
    World Communion Sunday
    Sermon Topic:  Inclusiveness Vs Exclusiveness
    Text:  I Corinthians 11:19-34

    Theme:  Inclusiveness

    The first Sunday of October is traditionally World Communion Sunday.  This a day when Christian churches all over the world of all denominations will break bread recognizing, in their own way, the Last Supper of the Christ.

    The text I have selected for the service is the Words of Institution found in I Corinthians.  Many modern scholars designate this text as the oldest written record of the words used in the celebration of Sacrament of Holy Communion. 

    It is interesting the words are recorded in the letters to the Corinthian church because it may have been the congregation among the churches the Apostle Paul with the highest population of gentiles in their midst.  If this is true, it means there is a case to be made for the environment of inclusiveness encouraged for the execution of the Sacrament itself.

    The context of the text seems to further assert the above perception.  The Apostle indeed admonishes the way the Corinthian congregation was practicing the right.  They apparently included the rite as a part of a larger feast.  One where each house hold brought their own food to the communal table, but did not share it with others.  Therefore there were present those who had little or nothing to eat sitting with those who had plenty.  They would sit together, but those with plenty did not share with those with none.

    The Apostle condemns the congregation for the selfish practice especially while they were celebrating the sacrament.

    Thus, I have chosen to emphasize the practice of inclusiveness on this special day.

    Unfortunately, the history of Christ’s Church is rampant with doctrines (none scriptural by the way) of exclusion.  Hundreds of splits and even wars have been fought over attempts by laity and clergy alike attempts to isolate the righteous from their ‘sinful’ opposites.  This United States is littered with communities of peoples who fled for their lives from Europe and Asia and settled here.  Yet, humanity continues, even of the United States, to find reasons to exclude their brothers and sisters.  Some have left established congregations because they felt, and were made to feel, unwelcome.  Others were driven out.

    So… on this special World Communion Sunday, at Trinity United Christian Church, the emblems of Christ’s Sacrifice will be made available to anyone who wishes to take part. 

    Inclusion into the Body of Christ!!! What a concept.  It is my prayer it catches on.

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  • The mission of TUCC is:
    To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ; To provide opportunities for: worship, prayer and praise of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit - open communion with the community of believers - study of God's word and growth in Christian education for all ages - fellowship within the congregation to strengthen communication, friendship and unity of membership; To reach out to others through prayer, financial support, action and service within the church family, in the community of Cheney, and beyond the local church into the region and conference, nation and all of God's world; To continue witnessing a nurturing partnership between DOC and UCC within the local church and through support of and involvement in both denominations in all levels and areas of concern.

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